Our Team

Building Math Skills for More Meaningful Results

Refresh My Math offer close to 30 years experience implementing evidence based strategies in teaching and learning, nonprofit management and small business development.

Refresh My Math help individuals and groups grow with math in meaningful ways - personally, academically and professionally.  

Our collaborative approach builds trust, respects autonomy, and positions our clients to make logical decisions, excel academically, thrive in business, and enjoy a more fulfilling life:

  • Working passionately to enhance math attitudes and aptitudes (skills).
  • Demystifying math concepts and applications to build confidence in individuals who avoid math and data related tasks because of past failures.

Our relevant, responsive and rigorous solutions are strategically delivered to domestic and international audiences; in-person and remotely:

  • Customizing and curating just-in-time learning opportunities and products.
  • Engaging clients in seeing, saying, and doing math differently.
  • Advancing math and industry skills (academically and professionally).

A few ways we're using basic math and data connections to help businesses execute affective leadership and evaluation strategies:

  • Redefining organizational culture.
  • Maximizing professional development.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Increasing talent retention.

Our Approach

Strategic Development Pathway: 

  • Build Confidence 
  • Cultivate Competency
  • Measure Proficiency 

Are you ready to thrive with continuous collaborative learning;?

Do you value discourse?

Are you seeking rigorous data-driven results?

Do you want to enhance your individual or community-wide math attitudes and aptitudes?